February 3, 2012 at 5:37 pm

19 Hot Music Apps from SXSW Accelerator 2012

With Midem out of the way, we’re looking forward to the next big conference on Evolver.fm’s docket: SXSW, where we’ll represent at Music Apps Gone Wild and Social Music Strategies: Viral & the Power of Free alongside executives from MOG, Turntable.fm, Siriux XM, Facebook, among other things.

Each year, the SXSW Accelerator program rounds up some of the hottest new apps. Some of them are music apps. We like music apps.

Here’s our curated list of music and music-related apps from this year’s crop of finalists and alternates, which bridges the music and technology categories of SXSW Accelerator (descriptions courtesy of SXSW):

Tampere, Finland
WildChords by Ovelin is an iPad game that makes learning to play the guitar fun, addictive and motivating. It is played with any real guitar, and requires no additional equipment. Ovelin is the #1 music app in 34 countries, iPad game of the year (Tilt TV), Best European Learning Game 2011 (LUDUS).

Palo Alto, CA
AudioVroom is your music discovery genie. Let AudioVroom create a profile based on your activity on social networks and devices. Invite friends, genres and artists to a virtual or real room you DJ, where music is based on the intersection of all profiles. Monitor your dashboard on any device.

San Francisco, CA
ConcertCrowd is a Facebook app that uses your location, music likes and friends list to help you discover live music in your area. Combined with integrated streaming music, live music fans finally have all the tools they need to find their next favorite show.

San Francisco, CA
Onesheet enables entertainment professionals to create a beautiful, simple, maintenance free website in under two minutes. It’s used by tens of thousands of musicians, actors, comedians, DJs, and a myriad of other types of creative individuals.

San Francisco, CA
Rexly is an iPhone app, which helps people share the music they love with, and discover new music through, their friends. Users of Rexly can play their on-device iTunes music, share songs to Facebook and Twitter and see what their friends are listening to in iTunes and Pandora.

Venice CA
VenLabs combines professional expertise in music, gaming and technology to create new methods of expression through interactive audio. With our work, we aim to advance the expectations and enjoyment of music fans everywhere. Our flagship product, DimSong, creates custom remixes of existing music based on your touch, movement and surroundings.

45 Sound
Dublin, Ireland
45 Sound helps bands & artists tell their live music stories by making fan-shot concert videos sound great.
Our technology replaces the (usually poor) audio of fan video uploads with high quality live audio provided by the band. Connect with your fans and build your concert video archive!

Sydney, Australia
Swarm.fm gives you super-human listening ability. It compliments your normal discovery and listening routine with smart technology and deep personalization, to help surface music you’ll love, all the time. Because good music is non-negotiable.

San Francisco CA
Tastemate is a new mobile platform for engaging fans and selling merchandise at concerts. Tastemate connects fans with special deals on merchandise, tickets and contests available only during the show. Our mobile merch table helps fans engage directly from their seats and provides valuable data to the bands.

New York, NY
CrowdStream is a mobile event network that connects artists directly with fans at events. Artists using CrowdStream include Duran Duran, Motley Crue, Smashing Pumpkins, J. Cole, Neon Trees, Bush, Chevelle, Buckcherry, and Wale.

Fried Green Apps
Atlanta, GA
Fried Green Apps, Inc. has created Mix Me In a new social media streaming and distribution model for music. Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift was nominated by Billboard as Best Music Engagement App. The technology is now available as a Facebook Social Music Player.

Bloomfield, NJ
Sensecast empowers anyone to create touch-free interfaces for digital content using Kinect-like sensors. Our software not only drives interactive media in shared spaces but makes those spaces measurable with algorithms and reporting tools to gather privacy-conscious analytics anywhere.

Austin, TX
SceneTap utilizes anonymous facial detection technology and video-based software to effectively track customer analytics in a venue or particular space, including crowd density, male to female ratio, and average age. It offers an administrative tool for operators and a social network for consumers.

Condition One
Brooklyn, NY

Condition ONE is a technology company developing next generation immersive video applications. Our flagship product is an embeddable immersive video player for the iPad, which we license to media companies and brands. Condition ONE creates powerful emotional experiences of being there.

Palo Alto, CA
just.me is building the world’s first post-pc, post-web, mobile social networking software. Users can capture images, video, audio or text in any combination. The captured media can be saved, sent to others or published. A user only needs a smart phone and a contact list to enjoy all of the features.

San Francisco, CA
Switchcam is a new video site for watching any event, from every angle. Using eye-witness videos on YouTube and other sites, Switchcam automatically reconstructs your favorite real life events like concerts and sports games so that you can share the event experience – even if you weren’t there.

Los Angeles, CA
MoPix is creating the post DVD experience by empowering anyone who owns video content (from studios with a library of films to everyday content creators) with a framework to quickly and easily distribute, brand and sell their content in a socially-enriched digital marketplace.

Washington, DC
Grandstand is a platform that transforms social and mobile actions (check-ins, likes, tweets, and SMS) into real-time social games and eye-popping data visualizations, allowing brands, agencies, retailers, stadiums, or any venue with a display to reward their crowd and enhance their overall visitor experience.

Musical Health Technologies
Musical Health Technologies creates products that enable better care giving through music. SingFit debuted in the Apple App stores in December 2011 and features our patented Lyric Coach system so a participant does not need to be able to read or see to sing the words of a song perfectly.