January 31, 2012 at 3:39 am

18 Music Apps from Music Hack Day Cannes

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The best two music apps from Music Hack Day Cannes 2012 were presented in the main conference hall; here, Paul Lamere from The Echo Nest (publisher of Evolver.fm) demonstrates the Midem Music Machine web app he built with Mr. Doob.

CANNES, FRANCE — We’ve been quite busy appearing on panels and meeting with sources here at Midem 2012, but perhaps no one at this music industry festival worked harder and slept less than the music app developers at Music Hack Day Cannes.

In an oxygen-starved room on the fifth floor of the Palais des Festivals, developers from all over the world built some incredibly neat stuff in a 48-hour period, then presented them to the music industry at the presentation above.

The above video, which is about 45 minutes long, allows you to see each of their apps in action, but in case you just want to find out what they built, here’s the complete list of music hacks from the wiki:

JPC2000 A browser based javascript drum machine named and styled after the famous Akai MPC2000

MyNight A club night recommendation service with crowd sourcing dj playlist recording

Artistify A Spotify app framework for bands & artists.

Radiobed Is it bed time?

Flatdrop Make it rain with Flattr & SoundCloud

Midem Music Machine - Automatically generating beautiful visualizations of music

SonicMuse - Sonic Visualiser and MuseScore married together

LyricsPostcard - Creates a slideshow of picture, with music and synchronized lyrics

Blind Search - Audio-only interface through the Million Song Dataset

InstaSound - Add filters to your recording and upload it to SoundCloud

Tourrent Plans - Plan your next tour with science!

lively - Concert history stats for artists and for you!

d Tweet dt - Which artists are being talked about now?

Mixture - Discover music through pictures!

Watch that score - Score following for audiences

Interact - OpenEMI powered music interaction app

Tune Hunt - Crowd-sourced hunt for hidden music treasures

Badgify - Badge that displays what you are currently listening to

App developers at Music Hack Day Cannes work on their projects (photo: Eliot Van Buskirk).