January 23, 2012 at 1:31 pm

Myspace Has a Facebook App

myspace has a facebook app

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Remember MySpace? It’s now a music app for Facebook, the same social network that supplanted it just in time for social networking becoming a mainstream phenomenon, complete with its own biopic.

The main use for this MySpace Facebook app (sorry, it’s spelled “Myspace” now) is to embed songs on Facebook. Unlike YouTube videos — but like most other music apps — clicking on a Myspace song on Facebook spawns another browser tab where the song in question starts playing.

facebook music myspace appIt’s simple, it works, and installing it only gives Myspace access to your email address and profile information (some other apps monitor just about everything you and your friends do on Facebook).

Once you have installed it, the Myspace app scrobbles the stuff you play on Myspace back to Facebook. Some might see this as an admission of defeat, but it’s probably just a realistic move by Myspace to focus on apps and what made it so popular in the first place: music.

Just one caveat: After you’ve played a Myspace song from Facebook, you’ll want to hit the stop button. Otherwise, Myspace will start playing a bunch of pop radio songs, like the ones which now grace my Facebook Timeline courtesy of this Myspace app.

Some things — like Myspace’s insistance on treating everyone like a teenager — never change: