January 18, 2012 at 10:48 am

SOPA/PIPA Blackout -The Collaborative Spotify Playlist

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If English-language Wikipedia users attempt to access the site today, the'll be greeted with this "blacked out" page.

By now, you’ve probably heard about SOPA, PIPA, and the controversies surrounding these proposed, well-meaning legislations, which threaten the end-to-end nature of the internet in the name of copyright (if not, here’s what you need to know).

Because you’re on the internet right now, you may have noticed that the English version of Wikipedia is totally blacked out, as is the user-submitted news service Reddit, each redirecting users to a page urging them to sign petitions and contact government officials. Google opted for a slightly less extreme approach: a black “censored” bar over its homepage logo.

(Sign the petition.)

The idea is that these are the types of sites that could inadvertently be affected if this legislation passes, and blacking them out is meant to give us a picture of what the internet could look like in a post-SOPA world. Regardless of where you stand on the bills, it’s an interesting cultural moment, although this might be a frustrating day for those who rely heavily on these sites to get work done (or perhaps to kill time when we should be working).

google internet pipa sopa blackout

To mark SOPA blackout day, we’ve created a collaborative Spotify playlist to try to ease the pain of this Wiki and Reddit-less day — and this is the only new story we will post today. We’ve seeded it with a bunch of songs in the spirit of the anti-SOPA (pro-internet) movement. You can add your own songs and sequence the playlist as you see fit. Perhaps a tune or two from anti-SOPA art-popper Peter Gabriel, some jams from anti-piracy stalwarts Metallica, or songs about blackouts, censorship, or the internet would work, although, really, the field is wide open.

If you’re unsure what to add, why not dig around Wikipedia for a while?

Oh, right… Anyway, here it is. Listen, add, rearrange — just please don’t delete it all:

SOPA/PIPA Blackout – The Evolver.fm Collaborative Spotify Playlist

  • http://twitter.com/sinnysin Sinnatra

    I think it’s beautiful how people from all walks of life; in different circumstances are uniting together against the atrocity these politicians are doing to our constitution. This open’s up a Pandora box for not only future legislation further degrading our liberates but for copy-cat governments across the world who would like nothing better then to censor anyone for any reason. We have to stop these last minute protests. Be vigilant, something sinister is looming ..


    “Simple” is a take on this political climate through the lens of revolutionary Hip-hop. Share and keep others informed!!!