January 3, 2012 at 10:41 am

Of Course The Steve Jobs Action Figure Costs $99 [Update: Cancelled]

steve jobs action figure

This Steve Jobs action figure costs more than the market average, but sports a nicer design... hmmm, where did Inicons get that idea?

Steve Jobs, the godfather of the app scene (and many others) passed away last October.

Jobs was many things, but he was not a fan of bargain-priced hardware, as anyone who has paid, for a Mac, twice what the Windows equivalent would cost.

As first reported by Forbes, a company called Inicons (“in icons”?), whose website was down on Tuesday morning presumably due to the enthusiasm of hardcore Apple fans, is selling an “uncannily realistic” Steve Jobs figurine with every detail accounted for down to his preferred brand of sneakers.

[Update: In Icons announced that it is canceling sales of the Steve Jobs action figure on January 15, 2012.]

The doll, which stands about a foot tall, comes with three different sets of hands (presumably for demonstrating different products) and the infamous “One More Thing” backdrop familiar to those who have watched his presentations (pictures below).

Jobs’ estate will likely be as pleased about this as Apple is when fake Apple stores pop up, or when accessory makers try to make stuff for Apple products without paying for an official “Works with iPhone/iPad/iPod” designation. But at least Jobs probably would have approved of his doll costing a hundred bucks but featuring a more detailed, nuanced design than other dolls do. In this case, art — even if it’s in bad taste or done without permission — imitates life.

Inicons’ website is down, as mentioned, but we grabbed some more images from Google’s cache (all images credited to Inicons):