December 16, 2011 at 11:47 am

Listen to The Hype Machine on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone

hype machine smartphone apps android ios windows phone 7Hype Machine scours nearly a thousand blogs for music and presents their music on a website where you can listen to what other people merely talk about. As such, it has its finger on the zeitgeist — in fact, we’re waiting for its official Zeitgeist 2011 list, which promises to distill the past twelve months of music into a simple list.

However, the Hype Machine is also available on smartphones, either through the official app (iOS only), or third-party apps that hook into the Hype Machine, even though they have no formal relationship with it.

If you’re looking for a new way to find out about new music, or if you’re already familiar with the Hype Machine but didn’t know it was available for smartphone, here are the current options on all the major platforms (please let us know if you make a Hype Machine app and it’s not listed here).

RIM Blackberry: nothing yet (if someone makes one, it should show up here)

Apple iOS: Hype Machine Radio ($1), the only official Hype Machine mobile app

Google Android: You have three options here, all unofficial:

  • Brimpa Hype (free): The Hype Machine recommends this one. [Update: It now recommends UberHype, listed below.]
  • FMCKL Latest Hype (free): This one focuses on the latest tracks, but it includes a number of other music sources too (just not as many as the other two apps listed here)/
  • Dirty Water Labs uberHype (free): This one comes with a slew of features; check out the design, because you might prefer it to Brimpa’s Hype.

Windows Phone 7: The Hype ($1) makes nice use of Windows Phone’s slick look, but with a familiar Hype Machine-style interface.

  • Gaurav Mehta

    Elliot & the entire evolver team,

    Huge thanks from the Dirty Water Labs team for mentioning us in your article. Keep up the great work with ..

    - Gaurav

  • Stewartnash

    The iPhone App is crap. No features.

  • David

    Hype Machine is also available as a Windows and Mac OSX app, Hypegram: