December 6, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Twitter Music Trends Reveals Most-Discussed Artists

twitter music trendsDid you know that over twenty-teen gajillion tweets appear on Twitter every day?  Well, it’s something like that — the real number is about 250 million.

Amidst all of that racket, legions of music fans are discussing the artists they’re listening to using the #nowplaying hashtag, clicking the Twitter button within music apps, or simply by including their names.

Sorting through it all is Twitter Music Trends, from Adam Lindsey and Social Genius (the maker of AudioVroom). The simple, green-on-black site tracks the most-discussed artists on Twitter on three pages that update dynamically, making you feel like you’re looking at The Matrix:

  • a daily analysis of who is being discussed the most on a given day (today is all about Rihanna, whoever that is);
  • a long-term trend analysis that updates each day, which lets you see which artists are increasing in popularity on Twitter (what is a Coldplay?);
  • and a “latest” section, which surfaces the most-recently tweeted artists.

Surely, there are plenty of uses for this data. Magazine editors trying to figure out which celebrity people want to read about would surely benefit by taking a glance at this, for instance, but it also comes in handy if you’re looking for like-minded music fans to follow on Twitter. If you see an artist or band you like on the site, you can click through to see the original tweet and follow the tweeter.

To pull this off, Twitter Music Trends relies on technology and resources from a number of companies:

The Echo Nest (publisher of
The organizers of Music Hack Day Barcelona
Exquisite Tweets
redis-py and Redish

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