December 2, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Spotify Apps Slated to Roll Out Next Week

spotify apps

Pictured above is Spotify's entire selection of apps, which will roll out to all users next week, barring a change of plan (screenshot is of the preview version).

Right now, if you want to try Spotify’s new app platform, you need to download a special preview version of the Spotify desktop application.

However, has learned, Spotify plans to roll out its app platform to all of Spotify’s 10-million-plus active users by the end of next week. [Update: we later learned that the launch appears to have been rolled back a bit, but that it will still happen in December.)

A source close to the situation says the update will automatically extend to every Spotify user within the next seven days, meaning that over ten million people will soon have the chance to use Spotify apps.

So far, these apps include Rolling Stone, Songkick,, TuneWikiThe GuardianDagbladet, We Are Hunted, Soundrop, Top10, Billboard, Fuse, Gaffa, Pitchfork, ShareMyPlaylists, Tunigo, and MoodAgent, although only the eleven pictured above appear to be available in the United States. We expect this selection to grow significantly over the coming months for users in all supported territories.

Spotify app developers told us they expect big things from their inclusion in Spotify, and they won’t have to wait long to find out how big an impact the launch. This roll-out could obviously still be delayed, but if not, every Spotify user will have access to Spotify apps starting next week.