November 29, 2011 at 1:23 pm Launches Music App Directory

We’ll keep this one short, because this news item is about, well, us. staffers, engineers, and interns have been working on a music app directory behind the scenes for a while now. We quietly launched the first iteration of it just before Thanksgiving.

We have plenty of powerful music-app-discovery features to be thankful for, which we can’t wait to unveil in the days, weeks, and months to come. That said, we hope this new Download Apps feature is already a useful resource for music fans. It currently lists nearly 1,700 music apps for a variety of platforms, although at this point, most of them are for iPhone, iPad, Android, or the web.

One way to find these music apps is to decide if you want to Listen, Play, Discover, or Create.

You can also browse our editor’s picks (currently from Connor McKnight, Andy Cush, and me, with more to come) and subcategories you won’t find on any of the major app stores — which, after all, aren’t just for music apps, the way we are.

For example, check out Atmospheric/Relaxation, Instruments, Augmented Reality, Songwriting, or any of the other categories or subcategories.

Are you a music app developer wondering why your app isn’t included? Drop us a line with some information about your app (your description, screenshots, video URLs, your company’s name and URL, and so on) and we’ll consider adding and/or reviewing it.

Likewise, if you’re a music fan who uses apps — including websites with app-like functionality, like these — and you can’t find one of your favorite music apps by searching the Download Apps section in the sidebar to the right, please send us a link to the app in question and we’ll probably add it.

Music apps represent phase two of the digital music revolution – phase one having been the MP3. We hope this new music app directory — and our ongoing digital music news coverage – will help music fans get the most out of it, regardless of their devices of choice.

  • i doser hand of god

    Indeed a great news for a huge music lovers like me. Google music is an additional hit as well!