• Rodrigo Sze

    Anyone that want to walk away 30 feet from the WD

  • Anonymous

    Aggregate speakers, mirroring, are other fun things you can do with airplay. Fanboys are fanboys

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.zylstra.1 Christopher Zylstra

    Bluetooth is a much, much skinnier pipe to shove data/sound thru..even mp3′s experience quality loss (I know, hey? I suppose it must then sound like mud farting then, does it?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.zylstra.1 Christopher Zylstra

    … furthermore ;>) airplay/wifi is a fat pipe yes, but also one with important sound-affecting metrics scoring high to off the charts compared to the most expensive hi-fi cables plated with gold and platinum which, in the end, are pricer than ‘”Air”. Yes, even Apple branded Air – which is sayin’ sumthin I’m sure you’ll agree.

  • Martin Lehmann

    Checkout the app “AirAudio” – it allows streaming the direct output of your Android via AirPlay, DLNA & Chromecast. Thus it allows you to stream with your favorite player like Spotify, Rdio, Google Music and so on.