November 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm iPad App Turns Music Blogs into Slick Music Discovery Service

Each year, hundreds of thousands of new recordings recordings emerge. It takes legions of music bloggers to keep track of it all so you don’t have to. The thing is, the job of keeping track of those music blogs themselves is almost as daunting as keeping tabs on the releases themselves.

Joining the suite of tools that have emerged to help the curious music fan cope with that flood of helpful recommendations, the iPad app (free) presents the music on those blogs through one slick, digital magazine-style interface. is also available as a web app but the experience improves on the iPad, which lets music fans curl up on the couch to check out what’s new — the same way they used to do with silent magazines made out of dead trees. And if you have AirPlay, it will play these tunes over your stereo system wirelessly (try that with a back issue of Rolling Stone).

Regardless of what you’re listening to or reading, a persistent music player bar at the bottom of the screen keeps the music flowing seamlessly.

“It’s an app that tells you what to listen to and what’s relevant today,” explained founder Tim Heineke. “[It is] filtered by professional music magazines, sites such as Pitchfork or Fader, [and] smaller niche music blogs who filter the 200,000 releases coming out each year. Seeing the site or blog is the validation behind the music and adds the experience and the context — perfect for iPad.”

According to Heineke, the content in the app changes about every hour, so conceivably, you could do little else with your time other than keeping yourself entertained with a constant stream of curated music, surrounded by context in the form of text and photos from music bloggers all over the world.