November 7, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Turn Music into Mustaches to Fight Cancer

One of the odder apps to emerge from Music Hack Day Boston this past weekend is Mustachiness, which turns any song into a mustache as part of an effort to raise money to fight prostate cancer.

Clearly, this requires explanation.

First, the user searches the site by artist or song, after which this web app presents one or more mustaches representing the song or multiple songs by the searched-for artist. Mustachiness uses The Echo Nest’s API to determine a number of characteristics about each song (The Echo Nest publishes, and also pulls data from

Here’s what these mustaches are trying to tell us:

  1. Curviness – Curves occur when high loudness deltas are detected
  2. Thickness – Mean loudness
  3. Divot – (aka gap in the middle) “hotness” of the song
  4. Direction – Up = higher energy; Down = lower energy
  5. Curl – Dancability * energy
  6. Color – Energy of the song. Lower energy is darker

Marshall Jones and “Lucas” from exfm created this original hack at Music Hack Day Boston as part of the Movember movement, a facial hair-based attempt to raise funds to fight prostate cancer.

So far, nearly 7,000 mustaches have been created in this fashion, which is impressive, because the app was launched less than 24 hours ago. To help fight cancer, you can have any of them (or songs of your choosing that have yet to be mustached) printed onto mugs or T-shirts via Zazzle, with the money from those sales going to fight cancer as part of Movember.

The site sometimes won’t load, possibly because so many people are trying to access it; if you run into trouble, you can always just browse the latest mustaches, or check out “mustaches through the ages” or  “mustaches by style” on the right side of the page.