November 1, 2011 at 4:09 pm

MOG Grows Fastest Among Facebook’s On-Demand Music Apps

Charts courtesy of AppData

Facebook’s recently-launched music features are not perfect, but in the past month-plus, the social network has already boosted usage of Facebook-connected unlimited music services significantly — and none so much as MOG.

The data in the above charts comes from AppData, which doesn’t track Rhapsody as a Facebook music app, but it shows MOG growing significantly, as noted by Peter Kafka of AllThingsD. In addition, it is growing faster in terms of monthly active users than Rdio or Spotify, which has also seen a boost from Facebook, and remains king of Facebook music apps in terms of overall usage (for starters, it’s the only one above measured in the millions).

MOG has typically been reticent to share usage statistics with — and with when I worked there. But the impressive growth of its Facebook-connected app is well worth crowing about, and shows that the service is making real inroads with Facebook’s massive pool of users, who number somewhere in the ballpark of 800 million users.

“I think our growth is partially tied to our awesome discovery tools,” MOG founder David Hyman told “New users land on MOG, and they’re immediately clicking on things we recommend, which in turn is pushing out more play buttons into Facebook, and so on, and so on.”

Part of this is due to the new MOG design, which wisely removed a credit card-related barrier to entry and turned itself into a social game of sorts, which encourages non-paying users to share links with friends and perform other actions in order to earn more free listening time.