October 6, 2011 at 5:11 pm

SoundCloud Wants To Move Beyond Music


Audio on the internet is mainly about music, because people generally want to see video or read descriptive text about events such as #OccupyWallStreet. SoundCloud, which first grew popular as a way for musicians (especially DJs) to share music with each other, hopes to make inroads in non-musical areas too, and has already done so to an extent.

“SoundCloud isn’t just about music — we’re about any kind of sound, anything from politics, journalism, comedy, audio blogging, poetry,” explained SoundCloud spokesman Dave Haynes at NYC MusicTechnology Meetup. “Anyone who has sounds they want to share, we want SoundCloud to be doing that.”

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soundcloud androidFred Wilson of A VC not only uploads his own found sounds into SoundCloud, but according to Haynes, other SoundCloud users have been reading his posts into the service so that people can listen to them. He also mentioned that Dan Patterson of ABCNews Radio uploads audio reports to the service (listen above).

To make the whole process easier (especially in documentary situations), SoundCloud integrated a simple record button into all of its free applications on the web, iPhone, and Android. The service also now allows uploaders to take a photo and include that with their audio recording on SoundCloud. With a single tap, any upload can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and/or Tumblr, which built a native player for SoundCloud.

Haynes hinted at two other upcoming goodies from his company, but requested that those present not report on them. In the congenial spirit of tech meetups and Music Hack Day, of which he is an organizer, we’ll give him a pass this time.