September 2, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Spotisquare Mashed Spotify with FourSquare, But It’s Broken

Spotisquare Connector

We thought it was pretty neat: Spotisquare used to let you attach Spotify playlists to Foursquare venues so that people could tap into that venue in order to hear your little “message in a bottle” — a Spotify playlist preordained to fit the location perfectly. It’s a simple concept, but one that, for whatever reason, has been abandoned.

API Errory

Trying to add a venue results in this undesirable notice.

With Spotify coming to America last month, we thought it a good time to revisit Spotisquare, to see how it works with American venues and playlists. Our excitement quickly turned to dismay when we found that Spotisquare is still working with Foursquare’s old API . Now that Foursquare requires outside developers to use version 2.o of its API, nothing in the mobile web app — normally accessibly from any smartphone at — works anymore.

Puzzled, we reached out to its developer, Mobile Life Centre, but our calls have gone unanswered. Considering that it’s been nine months since the Swedish company’s app has been usable, we can only conclude that Spotisquare is no longer a going concern.

Our question: Why? Look at your old mix tapes or CDs, if you have them, and you’ll find that most of them pertain to a specific time or place. Music helps mold memories, and other apps like SoundTracking, SoundtrckrMusicMapper and others have made hay from a similar concept, but those often tag songs and playlists to locations, rather than to specific venues, the way FourSquare does.

The APIs for Spotify and Foursquare are just sitting right there. We’d be surprised if someone didn’t leap on this particular untapped app idea sooner rather than later to rebuild Spotisquare, although they’ll probably have to call it something else. Any random assortment of Music Hack Day attendees could probably bust one out in about an hour.