July 15, 2011 at 11:47 am

FluxTunes iPhone Car Music Player Gets the Gestures Right

fluxtunes car music iphone playerThis iPhone music player for the car represents what iSwipemusic and other gesture-based player apps should look like, and with its responsive, user-tailored controls, it’s probably what they should feel like, too.

FluxTunes ($1) works great for controlling music with finger movements as your eyes are otherwise occupied. 25 multi-fingered gestures are reassignable to perform up to 18 different player functions — everything from Play/Pause, Skip, and Shuffle to selecting what plays picking tracks.

It even lets you request more from the currently-playing artist with a gesture, which can be quite handy if you want to escape shuffle mode.

Every aspect of these controls can be linked to an intuitive swipe, pinch, twist, or tap with one to four fingers. An easy lock/unlock feature (which we set as a one-fingered double-tap) prevents accidental activation of the features.

FluxTunes also displays album artwork when applicable, which not only sharpens the app’s appearance, but provides quick reference when shuffling through tracks.

Even better, FluxTunes works with both AirPlay and Bluetooth, so it works with today’s Bluetooth-capable car stereos and tomorrow’s AirPlay-compatible ones (or you can add Photofast AP1000 to add AirPlay to your car).