July 11, 2011 at 8:08 am

Turntable.fm Power Tips For Awesome Music Nerds

Turntable.fm continues to attract attention. Is it getting funding or not? Is it the best “pivot” of all time? Do investors really think it’s worth $40 million? Music fans demand to know!

No, they don’t, actually. Regardless of who is or is not investing in Turntable.fm and how much they think it might be worth, the more interesting thing about Turntable.fm is that it’s fun — maybe even too fun if you’re trying to get work done as you listen.

Rather than perpetuating this guessing game about the business end of Stickybits’ hot new idea, we have another question: How do you have even more fun while using Turntable.fm? With that in mind, we rounded up these tips, tricks and add-ons:

Don’t Heed the Trolls

While many on Turntable.fm exhibit exemplary manners unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere on the internet, others can’t resist spewing inanity, just like in real life. The worst offender: the guy who kept trying to “sing along” with the music in the dubstep room. We have the answer, and it is simple and effective: To ignore someone, type “/ignore Hoaxmetal,” where Hoaxmetal is the name of the person you’re trying to ignore. To stop ignoring them, type “/unignore Hoaxmetal.”

Scrobble Turntable.fm to Last.fm

What’s the use of listening to all that great music in Turntable.fm if the rest of the world doesn’t realize how excellent and varied your taste is? This simple add-on lets you scrobble each song you hear in Turntable.fm to your Last.fm profile, making you appear even more awesome than you already do.

De-Lag Without Falling Off the Stage

Occasionally the music stops within Turntable.fm, but only for you. If you refresh your browser window, you’ll stop lagging — but you’ll also lose your spot on the DJ stage or, if you’re listening, you’ll start over in the back of the room. (Turntable moves whoever has listened longest to the front of the room.) If the music stops playing for you, avoid these problems by copying and pasting the room’s URL into new browser tab or window. Start listening there and close the old window, and you’ll preserve your place on the DJ deck or in the crowd.

See the Big Picture

Who is the king of Fans? Who is the queen of Awesome? You can find out with Turntable Dashboard, a bookmarklet that adds a Statistics button to the Turntable.fm interface. This button displays a leader board charting the top rooms, DJs, and songs, and it also lets you search for any DJ to see how many fans and points they have.

Listen Outside the United States

You can use Tor to pretend you’re in the United States even if you’re not, as GeekyNinja points out, allowing you to circumvent Turntable.fm’s ban on international listening.

Throw an Actual Turntable.fm Dance Party

It was only a matter of time until people started using Turntable.fm to DJ clubs (via Laughing Squid). That time is now.

Play the Right Song — For Sure

Today’s browsers are capable of advanced, app-like functionality, which is one reason group listening rooms including Turntable.fm are taking off in 2011, and not, say, 2005. Still, things can go awry with Turntable.fm’s drag-and-drop DJ queue. The solution: When you decide what you want to spin next, use the Top button to make sure it plays next, sparing you all sorts of embarrassing Lame ratings when you spin a Vanilla Ice mash-up in the ’90s guitar rock room, the way the author recently did.

Do you know something we don’t? Drop us a line, with a link to your website if you have one, and we’ll add your suggestion to the list.

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  • http://twitter.com/dmitrivietze dmitrivietze

    I was on there one day and  everyone had some hug tag they were throwing out and thee was some way to see how many hugs were issued to users. What was that?

  • madhatt3r

    did you pirate this article from wired.com or did they gank it from you?  I’m assuming the former…

  • madhatt3r

    did you pirate this article from wired.com or did they gank it from you?  I’m assuming the former… http://www.wired.com/underwire/2011/07/turntable-fm-power-tips/