June 15, 2011 at 12:30 am

Reverse-Engineer Music With Reverse Chord Finder Pro

Guitarists and pianists, and musicians on other chordal instruments constantly stumble across new chords to add to their musical vocabulary, which is half the fun of learning one’s way around an instrument.

Problems can arise when we try to notate these oddities, for instance, in order to share your creation in documented form with a fellow musican. When putting a name to a face, so to speak, becomes an issue, Reverse Chord Finder Pro can function like a musical spelling coach. Basically, it means you can stop shrugging at your bass player when asked to explain those chords where you “just know there’s an E flat in there somewhere.”

We enjoyed this app’s option to view chords on the fretboard, keyboard, or staff, because it effectively ends the longstanding history of practice app discrimination against non-guitarists. You can view any chord in all three modes, which can come in quite handy for learning how chord inversions translate between instruments, in addition to functioning practically for those conversant with different instruments.

reverse chord finder pro apple iphone practice appsYou can also save chords to the Favorites list for later reference, and view notes by name, scale degree, or fret number.

We found Reverse Chord Finder Pro well worth its price, considering what it does. This is not just a chord-naming app; it’s a chord discovery tool, which gives users instant visual feedback on an instrument they can understand, even if it’s not a guitar.

Coupled with a good chord index (such as ChordBank), it brings all the chord information you’ll probably ever need to know to your mobile device. Overall, this one’s essential for self taught or “by ear” musicians seeking a greater understanding of the chords they are playing.


  • Fretboard, keyboard, and musical staff interfaces.
  • It shows all possible common notations for given chord, making enharmonic adjustments for sharps and flats.
  • Block Chord (all at once) or Arpeggio (one at a time) playback
  • Choose from between three and twelve strings to accommodate a variety of fretted instruments.
  • User-programmable tuning for string instruments with sixty tuning presets

Reverse Chord Finder Pro costs $10 in the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) 4.0 or later.