June 2, 2011 at 9:10 am

Aviary Myna: A Free, Clean, Online Multitrack Audio Editor

aviary audio editor mynaAviary offers a nice suite of free, web-based media editing apps, among them its horse in the multitrack audio editor race: Myna.

Myna sports a clean interface for arranging multiple audio tracks into a song, and ran without glitches during extensive testing. We appreciated thoughtful additions including the scalable ‘world-view’ that lets you see a tiny representation of the entire project right at the top of the page, as well as viewing the waveforms of your individual tracks below, so you can tell which part of the song you’re looking at.

Myna can record tracks directly into projects just like a regular desktop digital audio workstation (DAW). But like most other online DAWs, it suffers from a big limitation, in that it cannot record your new parts while playing back the old ones.

That can be frustrating, but there are ways around it (like using something else to play a mixdown of the previously recorded tracks and then sliding the newly recorded track in Myna until it lines up), but if you’re remixing something or otherwise manipulating pre-recorded audio (as in one of Aviary’s remix projects), it’s not an issue.

And the program is more fully-featured in some ways than Soundation, for example. At least Myna includes options like volume automation and support for major file formats. Then again, unlike Soundation’s effects, Myna’s lack presets so you may have to fiddle around a little more to get something that sounds good.

Despite its setbacks, Aviary’s Myna is a fine way to learn how to record and create basic music projects (and besides, it’s free).