May 24, 2011 at 1:00 pm

BigPlayer Car Music App for iPhone Offers Solid Safety Features

big player iphone driving appCar music app BigPlayer offers up three big, simple buttons for play, fast forward, and rewind. Other than some other niceties described below, that’s about it.

The advantage: there are no fancy swiping gestures to remember. The disadvantage: You might need to look at the phone every once in a while, because even though the app is locked in Portrait orientation, there’s not much space between those buttons.

Big Player ($1.19) also won us over with its newfound ability, as of the last version, to let you navigate your iPhone’s music library using big buttons, giving you a fighting chance of driving safely while selecting new tunes, although we recommend filling its queue before you shift into Drive. To do that, you can browse your iPhone’s music library by artist, album, song, audiobook, genre, podcast, composer, compilation, or playlist, adding entire screens or individual songs.

The app makes it easy to switch between the songs you have added to the queue, even while driving, using the big menu pictured  here:

bigplayer selection

Meanwhile, to select new songs while driving or at a stoplight, you can scroll up and down an oversized alphabetical keypad to search your iPhone’s music library by playlist, artist, song, or album (we recommend sticking with just one, for obvious safety reasons):

big player nav

Overall, Big Player’s clean interface and easy operation make it rather easy to recommend if you prefer a car music app with buttons rather than gestures. Many competing apps cost slightly less, but this cleverly-designed interface is worth the extra 20 cents (especially when your choice in car music app could save your life).

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