May 23, 2011 at 3:20 pm

The Wub Machine Turns Any MP3 into Dubstep

Depending on who you ask, the musical genre known as “dub step” is either an ingenious synthesis of drum n’ bass and two-step garage or horrible noise. Either way, it’s fun to talk about.

“I like dubstep,” admits The Wub Machine creator Peter Sobot. “There, I said it.”

The Wub Machine, an open-source Python app (code here), which still has a way to go before the average civilian can use it, but in the right hands, it can turn even the most innocent of MP3s — including the Beatles song you can listen to below — into a wicked dubstep concoction.

To make this work, Sobot created his own “dirty, dirty wub basslines” as well as some kick and snare drum samples. Then, he used the Remix API (.pdf) from The Echo Nest (publisher of to chop up the song into discrete parts and figure out what key it’s in, as well as stretching the tempo until it matches the dubstep gold standard of 140 beats per minute. After performing some other similar wizardry, The Wub Machine outputs an automatically-generated dubstep remix (listen below).

Sobot modestly downplays the strength of his creation, and says he plans to improve it whenever he gets the chance — hopefully to the point where it’s a mobile or web app, so that mere mortals such as myself can just upload an MP3 to work this magic ourselves, the same way we can with and The Swinger, and used to with

Until then, we can listen to these “automagically”-created dubstep concoctions, which contain moments of sheer brilliance; witness the moment around 1:35 of “Come Together (Dubstep Auto-Remix).”

(Image courtesy of Flickr/Daniel D.)

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