May 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Thesixtyone: A Big, Beautiful Music Streamer With Mood Integration

Thesixtyone makes a determined effort to radically redesign the web-based music player.

We found its interface refreshing to look at, and it might even be called beautiful. Just about the entire browser page is taken up with a high-resolution image of the currently-playing band. Details about each artist fade in and out of view at random points around the window while the player controls, along with sharing options, slide elegantly out of a tab on the side of the page.

Thesixtyone’s approach remains unfamiliar in the mood categories too, which are what concern us here as part of our ongoing exploration of mood-oriented listening services. Here, you’ll find options like “trippy” and “crazy,” the latter presenting a bizarre combination of electronica followed by hip hop followed by retro. (We wonder whether “crazy” is meant to imply experimental music or just a nonsensical playlist.)

The site’s mission is to help fledgling bands connect with listeners, and as such, it has some of the same functionality as Bandcamp or Hitlantis. Indeed, we didn’t encounter any band we’d ever heard before, so thesixtyone succeeds to an extent in that regard. If you just want to have a fun multimedia experience while listening to music that just might match your mood, thesixtyone has your number.