May 17, 2011 at 1:14 pm

SoundRain ‘Makes It Rain’ for Artists, Sells Music on SoundCloud

Full disclosure: I feel like I can take a tiny bit of credit for this one. At New York Music Hack Day, one of the issues that came up was the lack of actual musicians at the event. After all, a “music” hack day should have some artist perspectives.

For the San Francisco event, I invited a handful of local musicians, and one jumped right in, receiving a cool custom hack as his reward. Musician and multimedia artist Christopher Willits has a masters degree in electronic music, so he’s certainly familiar with the uses of technology to push music forward. He’s also a huge fan of Soundcloud, and wished there was an easy way to sell his music on the site.

At Music Hack Day San Francisco, Willits hooked up with Noah Austen Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young, who run a micropayments site called Minno. The three put together a hack called SoundRain that uses Minno to let artists sell tracks on Soundcloud. Either once a month or whenever an artist reaches ten dollars in sales, Minno pays the artists via

While this is a simple hack, it could quickly turn disruptive if it takes hold, because so many artists already use SoundCloud to share tracks with each other, their labels, and so on (the site currently has over four million registered users). If  artists decide to monetize their music directly on SoundCloud, it could break down the dominance of iTunes and other centralized middlemen. Which brings us to another hack….

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