May 17, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Songsicle Unites Music Hack Day Attendees With Their Mothers

songsicleWhile there were a handful of women at SF Music Hack Day, the events are still pretty dude-centric, as evidenced in part by dates when they occur: New York Music Hack Day took place on Valentine’s Day weekend, and SF MHD was Mother’s Day. Shouldn’t attendees be otherwise occupied?

Luckily, Frank Denbow created a nice little hack to shout out to his mom, who surely missed him. Denbow has already done some cool stuff with Songsicle, which allows users to send songs with a voice message attached, via the Twilio API. This Mothers Day-centric continuation of that web app lets people send one of three mom-centric songs to celebrate the occasion. (The hack netted Denbow a trip to Italy, courtesy of lyric site and MHD sponsor MusiXmatch.)

While this specific use was cute, Songsicle has the potential to be a much bigger and more valuable tool for artists and labels if used correctly. Sending a song with a voice message to check out the track is not only a unique idea, but a great way for tastemakers to flex their power. Artists could ask fans to send a track and message to five friends to help spread the word — or, even better, an established artist could send an opening band’s or labelmate’s track to fans, which would surely help that act. This concept is at least as old as the mixtape, but Songsicle’s delivery method is new and powerful.

Bookmark the Mothers’ Day edition of the site in your calendar (and check out a message from Frank’s mom).

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