March 17, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Fandemic Aims to Help You Find Tiny, Obscure Live Music Shows

fandemic local show guideMusic fans have plenty of options when it comes to finding live music around town, not only online but using apps such as SongKick. However, Fandemic is the first we’ve heard of that’s focused specifically on bands who typically play to their girlfriends, boyfriends, the opening band, and maybe, if they’re lucky, a few actual fans.

“I really wanted to fill that void, of ‘Where do I go on a Saturday night to hear some jazz music,’ and to create a platform for the local artists in each city,” said Joseph Zambrano, founder and creator of Fandemic, a $1 iPhone app set to be released in about two weeks. “I want to target those bands that are playing for an audience of 10 to 20 people, and trying to get to that next level.”

Of course, doing that requires harvesting live show data at a granular level, or somehow convincing these tiny bands to enter their show details, but Zambrano has yet to solve that part of the equation.

fandemic local show guide“Right now we’re licensing a [unspecified] database that’s more mainstream, because we didn’t want to have the app be empty to start off,” he explained. “I’m creating a database of our own, and in about a year, we’ll take off all the mainstream artists and solely have the local artists in each city.”

Features included in the $1 Fandemic iPhone app will include the abilities to search by artist, venue, or city, for a list of where each band is playing in the next month, as well as a biography for each artist and links to their site, and it will integrate with Google Maps, various calendar platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

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