March 16, 2011 at 3:31 pm

SXSW: Urthots Bites Off More Than It Can Chew With Social Media Dashboard for Artists

urthots social music dashboard for artists

With so many social media outlets out there, an artist is likely to have trouble hitting every outlet. A band may focus their efforts on Twitter and forget about Facebook. Maybe they’re sharing an unreleased track with their inner circle on Soundcloud but forgetting to update their ChatMusic account. Or maybe they’re really lost, and still rely exclusively on MySpace to push themselves socially.

Knowing that covering all your social media bases can be a real drag for bands (or labels) that can’t afford publicists or marketers to handle it all, the people at urthots (pronounced “your thoughts”) have set up a brand new web-based platform, with a mobile app coming out in four weeks, that allows them to update their social media outlets from one centralized location.

urthotsThe concept is sound, but unfortunately for urthots, signing up for an account may be the only easily-understood aspect of its service. Once you’re in, the optons offered by the Dallas-based company are overwhelming. Your choices of action upon first looking at the dashboard are so endless that mapping out an action plan straight-up confusing. Do you go out and find friends first, or is it more important to set up your video channels so that users looking for bands can check out your content and friend you?

To clarify, here’s what’s available: You can build your network by adding friends, who’ll then see your updates in a Facebook-like style on the site. Video channels allow you to check out other bands’ videos. There’s a Twitter-style posting platform, a film discovery feature, a zone for gamers to catch up on the latest news, a music industry blog, a place to create photo albums, and a feature to make playlists of music that you can share with your friends and/or fans.

That’s a lot to handle, and though the site integrates with Facebook and Twitter, among others, it doesn’t appear as though it will save bands any significant amounts of time. Artists could be more likely to keep track of their social media tasks by keeping a to-do list on a piece of paper and working through each avenue independently. Perhaps the company should have “thot” this through a bit more.

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  • JD Carr

    Hi Chase!

    I’m sorry that you didn’t find our new platform useful for artists but do appreciate this post nonetheless. I would like to point out that artists actually have access to a very simple artist console when they signup as an artist on urThots. It appears that you created a regular user account which doesn’t actually give access to the artist panel. Artists have access to both a user account as well as tools specifically designed for them when joining the site. We have tried to keep the artist console as easy to understand and user-friendly as possible. We are working on a guide that will hopefully help to clarify some of these things and we truly are working to create a very simple to use platform. That being said, we don’t believe in dictating what our users/artists use…we’re more interested in giving them options that they can use based on their individual needs. I can assure you though that we are working around the clock to simplify our site even further and it’s posts like these that show us our shortcomings so we are aware of what needs to be tweaked. So I do appreciate this write-up very much.

    On a side note, we are rolling out a simple website/facebook app builder early next week designed exclusively for artists that complements their branding experience and other services available on urThots. I’d be happy to walk you through this as well as the artist console to show you the tools available to artists if you’re interested in reviewing these?

    Finally, regarding the title…yes we are ambitious but fortunately we have big mouths :-) so hopefully as we ramp up, users/artists will come to realize that urThots can be a great tool to supplement their online activities if given the chance. We’re new so we have some things to work out but we’re here to stay and are committed to helping indie artists by providing tools/resources they tell us they need.

    Warm Regards,
    JD Carr