January 12, 2011 at 7:47 am

Verizon Won’t Confirm Unlimited Data for iPhone

Several publications, starting with Reuters and Wall Street Journal, have reported that Verizon will offer an unlimited data plan for the iPhone. Some even speculate that the company will charge the same $30 per month that it charges now for unlimited data plans on other phones.

Just one problem: Verizon refuses to confirm that an unlimited iPhone data plan is even on the table. Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney told Evolver.fm on Wednesday, simply, “I can’t confirm it.”

Perhaps those publications are right, and Verizon plans to offer unlimited data — but just doesn’t want to talk about it right now for some reason. After all, an unlimited data plan would represent a major attack on AT&T, which limits the amount of data iPhone users can download to 200MB per month ($15) or 2GB per month ($25), and give Verizon a major advantage when its iPhone goes on sale February 10.

An unlimited data plan would allow music fans to stream interactive radio stations to their heart’s content and watch all the videos they please, using a wide variety of iOS apps. Why wouldn’t Verizon want to trumpet this unlimited data plan from the highest mountains when it would make AT&T’s limited offering look weak by comparison?

We’re hard-pressed to think of a good reason, so let’s leave it at this: Verizon did not mention “unlimited bandwidth” a single time during yesterday’s Verizon iPhone launch, and today, refused to confirm its availability. For all we know, Verizon iPhone users will be subject to the same data limits as AT&T iPhone users, which would make the devices decidedly less powerful as music app machines.

Speaking of music apps, we’ll get back to some more coverage of those later today. But everyone’s talking about the Verizon iPhone, and it will soon become a new option for music fans, so we figured we’d try to set the record straight: Unlimited data on the Verizon iPhone does not appear to be the sure thing that many say it is.