October 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Thounds Unveils ‘First’ Music Creation App for Facebook

Facebook is clearly not the app platform of choice for music creators and sound hobbyists, when so many musicians’ apps have found their way to the Apple iOS platform. But some progress has been made, as there is now a way to record and arrange music within Facebook and share it your friends.

Thounds’ YUIO app — so named for the keys that trigger each of four samples — comes preloaded with rhythm elements with which you can sequence a rudimentary rhythm track, as well as playing them live. However, things get more interesting when you activate the microphone/line-in switch, which lets you replace those pre-filled samples with the sounds of your choice.

Results vary when playing the samples back live, because Adobe’s Flash 10 platform can only do so much within a browser. The “O” button appeared to have a bit more latency than the others, but we encountered a slight delay with all of the buttons.

The YUIO Facebook app works better with the simple step-sequencer, which allows you to drop in the samples wherever you want within a short looping timeline. You can’t save the tempo, which makes things tricky when you’re mixing longer recorded samples and the presets, and of course only being able to incorporate a total of four samples is a big limitation.But for whipping up a quick, goofy little number and sharing it with your Facebook friends, YUIO works as advertised.